The World’s Most Famous Wines (On a Budget)

Long to taste the world’s best wines? Who doesn’t? These wines are as close as most of us will come – even if no bargain themselves.



Château Lafite Rothschild is undisputedly one of Bordeaux (and the world’s) most famous wines, but at $1000+ a bottle is outside of most of our reach. Here’s an insider tip: Their second label Carruades de Lafite is also well regarded and sells for $150.

Château Latour is also a first-growth that goes for approximately $1000 a bottle. Tip: Find their third label, Le Pauillac de Latour, at retail for $67 (plus tax).

Château Margaux, another first-growth, is often described as one of the most delicate and feminine of the famous Bordeaux wines, thought it’s $800 price tag is certainly powerful. Tip: Buy the second label, Pavillon Rouge, offered at a relatively affordable $185.

In Italy, the famous super-Tuscan (blend of Italian and international grapes) Tenuta dell’Ornellaia goes for $220 whereas its third label, Le Volte, is available for $20.  Tip: Split the difference and try the second label, Le Serre Nuove, for $60.

Sassicaia is probably the most demanded super-Tuscan in the US, fetching $200/bottle. Tip: Their second label, Guidalberto can be found under $50.

Spanish powerhouse Vega Sicilia Unico Gran Reserva sells for at least $400/bottle. Tip: This Ribera del Duero winery offers its second label, Valbuena 5°, for $80.