A Win(e) win for Macron

Did blind tasting cinch the French Presidential election for Emmanuel Macron?

Just maybe, yes.

“Le vin, c’est l’ame francaise,” he told Terre de Vins, translated: Wine, it’s the French soul.

At one of his last campaign stops, in Bordeaux, he not only talked wine policy but proved his blind tasting chops. He correctly identified both a Chateau Lauduc Bordeaux blanc and a Coteaux d’Aix en Provence Rose – but stumbled on the 2005 Chateau Pape-Clement.

It seems the slip was not fatal: after a line of wine-ambivalent presidents, France finally has an oenophile in office. “I’m one of those French people for whom a meal without wine is a sad meal,” said Macron, whose grandparents raised him right, instilling the belief that red wine is guilt-free since it’s an antioxidant.

We’d love to know what he’s found in the storied wine cellars of the Elysee Palace – here’s hoping he’ll bring WineGame to the table!