Q: How do I know what order to serve my wines in?

The rule of thumb is lightest to most full bodied. Here are our guidelines (and remember, you can always ask whoever you like at your wine store to recommend the order they will show best. Even if you didn’t buy them all at that store, again, we find most wine merchants are happy to think about that with you. And you’ll probably learn a lot as well).

  1. Whites before Reds, Rosé in the middle, sweet dessert wines at the end.

  2. Light body often means less oak, so put the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc ahead of the California Chardonnay.

  3. You can often get hints about the body by the color – a lighter wine typically has less body so:

    1. Clear bright whites before more yellow, golden ones.

    2. Light reds before dark reds.

    3. White sweet wines before red ones.

  4. If all fails, call us and we’ll help - I-877-WineLuv.