WG Congratulates~

Have you ever wondered where 100 years of study might get you? That’s how much cumulative time it’s estimated the 24 newly anointed Master Sommeliers spent garnering enough knowledge to pass all three parts of the Court of Master Sommeliers exam.

Arguably one of the toughest tests going, the Master Sommelier exam is by invitation exclusively, extended only once one has passed the rigorous Advanced Sommelier certification and spent years in ongoing education and mentorship. To further up the bar, wine’s top exam covers three parts – theory, practice and blind-tasting – which must all be passed within 3 years, or the tally resets to 0.

So raise a glass of the finest fizz to new MSs Steven Washuta, Jessica Waugh, Douglas Kim, Dana Gaiser, Christopher Ramelb, Peter Bothwell, Robert Ord, Andrey Ivanov, Jane Lopes, Steven Robinson, Justin Tismit, Scott Barber, Elton Nichols, Mia Van de Water, Steven McDonald, Daniel Pilkey, Tyler Alden, Morgan Harris, Joshua Orr, James Michael Lechner, Maximilian Kast, Vincent Morrow, and Jill Zimorski. It’s worth noting that Jill is a former TFG somm.

This stellar force brings the number of Master Somms in the country to 181. While they might be taking a deep breath now, their service only begins here –with their help, the professionalism and expertise of the wine world will be finer, and reach further.

With a similar dedication to service and sharing, several candidates passing similar and equally exacting exam, Master of Wine, are now able to pen the coveted MW after their name. The Master of Wine is considered the trade equivalent of the Master Somm (just three people worldwide hold have achieved both).

These candidates passed a rigorous three-part exam which includes both theory and practice, and undertake a lengthy research paper based on in-depth study on a wine-based topic of their choosing.

WG congratulates the new Masters of Wine Almudena Alberca, Barbara Drew, Regine Lee, Elsa Macdonald, Thomas Parker, Lindsay Pomeroy, Nicolas Quillé , Job de Swart, Tim Triptree and Olga Karapanou Crawford. Worth noting: Olga and our own Sarah Munson frequent the same California wine tasting group.

A heartfelt congratulations to all.