Be a hero. Host a WineGame.

Be a hero amongst your friends, host a WineGame. So simple, so fun — what are you waiting for?

  1. Download the app

  2. Pick your wines (there are lots of tasting ideas right here).

  3. On the WG home screen, tap create a game.

  4. Scan in your label and add the vintage. You can scan them all at once with the multi-bottle feature.

  5. Add bonus questions if you want. We love to know ‘who would you regift this wine to?’ (Hint: if it’s the Pope, this might not be the wine you bring to their next party.)

  6. Name your game. OPTIONAL: Create a custom look for your game by adding a custom screen (and be sure to share it with us on insta @thewinegame). Tap the camera icon in the lower right of the home screen and take a photo. it’s that easy.

  7. Blind the wines with bags, tinfoil or decant.

  8. Give your guests the game code.

  9. All together: Sip, play, score!

  10. (OPTIONAL) Use the hosting panel to call out high (and low!) scores, share quippy bonus question answers, and just generally keep the fun rolling.

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