Wg+LLS put the fun in fundraiser

When we get cancer news, we often feel helpless. That’s why Loree Lipstein is running as a candidate for the 2019 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Man & Woman of the Year Campaign, an annual 10-week race to raise funds and awareness for LLS, with the top fundraisers named Man & Woman of the Year.

She and a 10-person team are committed to raise $200,000, by June 1. And we at WineGame are thrilled she asked us to be part of the plan.

“We knew we wanted to do something that stood out from the “same-old” charity happy hour,” Loree, a founder of Thread Strategies, which specializes in raising money for nonprofits, told us. “Now our 50+ guests will have a great time tasting and learning about wine through an interactive game that brings us all together and with plenty of room for laughs and fun.”

The event will be held in Washington, DC on Friday May 17. There will be prizes for the winner, and Loree and her team say they are having no problem recruiting guests to this fundraiser.

“By banding together, we are raising critical funds to continue advancing research that will lead to better treatments and more cures. I know you will all join me in raising a glass to that,” Loree says. “What’s extra-special about funding blood cancer research is that it impacts all cancers because blood cancer is the only cancer that can be studied in its naturally occurring state. This means that many treatments used in other cancers begin with blood cancer research.”

A big thanks to Loree for giving WineGame this opportunity to bring together passionate people, all fighting the ultimate enemy: cancer.

If you would like to help Loree and her team in their nomination, please click here to learn more and donate.

gary mendel