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The creators of WineGame have innovated a proprietary platform offering the hospitality industry an original way to expand wine sales and cement patron relationships by increasing customer engagement.

For at-home users, WineGame is a simple app that instantly turns any bottle into a fun, multiple-choice blind-tasting game. Not only a creative learning experience, WineGame is a clever way to engage with friends while enjoying wine in a completely new fashion. Downloading the app and playing at home is free. 

For the hospitality industry, WineGame Pro is a powerful platform enabling any wine-selling business to build revenue and engage customers in an innovative way, while attracting desirable new guests. (Turns out, many of the same people who enjoy wine also love a good game.) But WineGame isn’t just a blast: we elevate your business by expanding both customer relationships and profit.  (Did we mention it’s really fun?)

WineGame Pro is as easy as the at-home version. Through either a smartphone app or back office computer, managers can access the game set-up wizard as well as the WineGame console, which displays data analytics such as customer wine ratings and event profitability. Additionally, access to our full player base combined with cutting-edge location-proximity technology gives managers the ability to target potential customers with marketing tools including in-app notifications and invitations. Professional users will pay a monthly fee for use of the platform and a nominal per player fee on all games hosted in hospitality venues.

WineGame is not just software, but a technologically savvy, easy-to-use platform to promote the enjoyment and selling of wine, pioneering technology that will quickly attract a broad base of lucrative users. New tech generated around the world of wine abounds, yet NO ONE else has tapped into it to creatively promote the joy of wine tasting amongst friends.