Wine folk call QUPE founder Bob Lundquist the original “Rhône Ranger.”

Qupe specializes in Central Coast Rhône-style wines, its blends a perfect balance of lean, cool-climate and fuller, warm-climate grapes.

WineGame brings wine tasting, fun and learning to the table. WG+QUPE= some really interesting tasting opps.

WineGame is the only technology encouraging people to blind taste socially, learning, competing – and laughing – while enjoying a few good wines. The mobile app is free to use at home, turning any bottle of wine into a multiple-choice game in seconds. Standardized scoring and leader boards track players' progress and handicap – amping the fun and flavor of our sport of wine.

And if you have just a few minutes or don’t have wine in front of you, flip through WineGame’s database of tips & trivia to raise your wine IQ.


ready. set. sip.

We know you'll love WG with QUPE as much as we do: so we're throwing down our fave tastings for you to share. Got that Syrah Spirit? Here's a little primer on the grape as well.  Once you're rolling, we'd love to know what you come up with.  #playwithyourwine